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When Women Accept a Back Seat as Their Due

“If you are lonely, then you will know/when someone needs you, you love them so…” (“As Long as He Needs Me” by Lionel Bart). In the musical OLIVER! the barmaid … Continue reading

April 28, 2018 · 1 Comment

Step Away from the Herd! The Pitfalls of Cyber Communication

As we learn more about Facebook and other social media sites and the masses of information they hoard about each of us (they record links I don’t remember clicking!), we … Continue reading

April 21, 2018 · 1 Comment

Hugs to All Survivors

Have you lost a loved one to an unexpected, horrific death? Any loss, of course, is unsettling because the world tips out of balance, but a bad surprise is like … Continue reading

April 15, 2018 · Leave a comment

Look Up or Fall Down!

“If you were in the hospital, they’d list you as a risk for falling.” My nurse friend’s words lay like cold oatmeal in my stomach. In my imagination she said, … Continue reading

April 7, 2018 · 2 Comments

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