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Do the Good Thing?

Would you rather be right or good? I was raised to believe they were the same. I had a Golden Record that told me to follow Davy Crockett’s advice and … Continue reading

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Fun and Fear

The humongous popularity of frightening, even horrific films proves how much regular citizens enjoy being scared. But they also want to know they’ll be safe when the lights come on—or … Continue reading

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Bully for Us?

How great was America before Teddy Roosevelt, when wealthy white men controlled the country? Watching the carefully researched TV miniseries THEODORE ROOSEVELT based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s bestseller LEADERSHIP IN … Continue reading

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Deserving Life

With the ongoing talk about death, have you ever asked yourself why you deserve to live? In the beautifully rendered independent film NINE DAYS, writer-director Edson Oda delves into the … Continue reading

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And Death Becomes Mundane

Back in the early years of television, people became concerned that children were witnessing too much violence—Western gun fights, crime shows, medical dramas, even revenge and hate themes on soap … Continue reading

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Monkey See…

Temple Grandin, the world renowned professor of animal behavior who is autistic, explains that some autistic people think visually, very much like animals. In fact, she credits that similarity with … Continue reading

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Smoke Gets in Your…Everything

When I was a child, the most terrifying horror movie I ever saw was THE ROBE, starring Charleton Heston. For years I suffered from nightmares of murderous swirls of smoke … Continue reading

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Healing Together

Being physically broken by my fall has been a boon for me. It’s like walking out of an artificial environment into a dark night away from city lights, and voila! … Continue reading

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Loss of Sensation

I’m hugging what feels like a warm cadaver arm to my chest and it’s creeping me out. Everyone has experienced losing feeling in some body part before, even if it … Continue reading

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The Case of the Killer Sneakers

They looked innocent—black with lime-green laces and trim that extended around the shoe like a platform for a fast take-off. They were technically running shoes, but I’m old enough to … Continue reading

April 22, 2022 · 2 Comments

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