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So What Are You Worth?

In a time when everything from the democratic process to the future of the Earth seems to have a handy price tag (“donate $5.00 and you’ll save humankind!”), we can … Continue reading

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If You Haven’t Got Your Health…

Imagine a game show in which the grand prize is a lifetime of good health. Would people still cheer and weep with envy when someone becomes a winner? “Yay! You’ll … Continue reading

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Eating Friends

Once upon a time, my all-time favorite foods in really good restaurants included flaky dinner croissants and filet mignon stuffed with blue cheese, rack of lamb, huevos rancheros with blue … Continue reading

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Being Kind to Yourself and Others in 2022

ON NEW YEAR’S EVE, 2021: You’ve done far better in 2021 than you think. You’re here, reading this, for a start. With the horrific drag on optimism, good health, and … Continue reading

December 31, 2021 · 1 Comment

Glinda’s World

What if life is far more wonderful than we know? Would we feel compelled to pooh-pooh it so we don’t look naive? Would we reject the possibilities because we don’t … Continue reading

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Shooting Your Eye Out

How we agonize with poor Ralphie Parker as he pines for his dearest love, a Red Ryder air rifle! The time of A CHRISTMAS STORY is before Christmas in the … Continue reading

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The Point of Schmaltzy Holiday Cards

Writing Christmas cards annoys me every year. I’m happy to keep in touch with friends of old, but all that writing saying not too much becomes wearisome. I’ve been spoiled … Continue reading

December 10, 2021 · 2 Comments

Controlling Rabbits

When I was twelve years old, a teenaged exhibitionist confronted me and my girlfriend as we sat by a remote pond in a tiny abandoned quarry in the woods. Never … Continue reading

December 3, 2021 · 2 Comments

Using Us Up

“Keep on using me until you use me up,” sings Bill Withers. But he isn’t talking about people being used by big business. The labor shortages in the news reveal … Continue reading

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True Love…

I read Cary Elwes’s book (written with Joe Layden) AS YOU WISH in a single sitting. I needed its humorous refreshment and loving sunshine badly and it didn’t disappoint me … Continue reading

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