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Just the beginning…

When my grandmother died, I felt like someone had blasted a giant crater into the core of my life—a black hole that threatened to suck away all the joy left … Continue reading

December 30, 2013 · Leave a comment

News Flash: The National Wildlife Federation has certified our property as a Wildlife Habitat!

What does our new certification status mean?  It means that we provide adequate food, shelter, and water for the local assorted critters—in our case, enough assorted birds to make Tippi … Continue reading

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The Gems Shine Brightest: Gift Giving Examined

More is better, right?  TV ads insist you’ll be happier during this holiday season if you can buy and gift more—to your loved ones and to yourself.  (By some definitions, … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Love Child

   Birth makes babies but not necessarily mothers.  Although none of us like to think about it, for some the process is simply biological and the resultant small person expendable.  … Continue reading

December 17, 2013 · 6 Comments

Stress Sucks…In My Opinion

Have you ever tried to have a nice, long, serious conversation on the phone but your toddler is in the room…or your dog?  Or have you ever been miserably sick—say, … Continue reading

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Sleeping My Way…Not to the Top But Across Country–Riding the Rails

Train robbers.  Political intrigue.  Murder.  Romance.  The very name “sleeper car” stirs up spectral memories of movies past.  Cary Grant, Cat Ballou, James Bond, Harry Potter.  How can anyone spend the … Continue reading

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Giving Gifts of Value

When we read about people trampled during special store sales, firefighters’ lives lost because the concern for property was so high, or children encouraged to risk brain damage pursuing an … Continue reading

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Facing the Holidays Without Gramma Who Died

This year you won’t have Gramma (or maybe Grandpa or someone else you loved very much) with you for the holidays.  You can hardly stand to think about it.  Everything seems different, … Continue reading

December 7, 2013 · 1 Comment

Horsey Humor

Have you ever seen a horse laugh like they do in the cartoons?  I haven’t either.  Some people think that fact proves horses have no sense of humor.  Judge for yourself: … Continue reading

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