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Women Reduced

When I watched Greta Gerwig’s film of LITTLE WOMEN set in the years after the Civil War, I ended up with wrinkles in my forehead. I remember the first time … Continue reading

November 27, 2020 · 3 Comments

Grateful to be Grateful

Who are you when you’re all alone? We develop much of our sense of self from the reactions we receive from others—especially significant others. So, negative comments from those early … Continue reading

November 20, 2020 · 1 Comment

A Question of Moral Freedom

If you’re particularly vulnerable to fear, don’t watch the 2019 German-American film A HIDDEN LIFE…not because it’s a horror film. It’s not…at least not a traditional horror film. It’s based on … Continue reading

November 13, 2020 · Leave a comment

What Happens Next?

As our country tumbles forward into a jumbled, unknown future, my husband and I did our best on election night to remove ourselves from anxiety, but suddenly everything we heard … Continue reading

November 6, 2020 · 2 Comments

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