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“Beauty is truth; truth beauty…”

“Beauty is truth; truth beauty…” (by John Keats) These days, you don’t have to look at Facebook or Instagram to know people are feeling like unmatched socks in a clothes … Continue reading

May 9, 2020 · 2 Comments

Friend or Foe? Rescued by an Orb-Weaver Spider!

Have you ever squished a big, really scary-looking spider? I confess; I don’t squish them, but I do occasionally panic and call in my hit man—especially if they’re in the … Continue reading

October 8, 2016 · Leave a comment

The Stand…Revisited

Did you have a chance to see the 1994 TV miniseries THE STAND? I’m not usually a big Stephen King fan, but that was one series that stuck with me. … Continue reading

October 1, 2016 · 3 Comments

No, You Decide! Perpetual Free Will

Wouldn’t you love to think free will is only an abstract concept that belongs in some classroom?  So would I.  I’m not fond of making big decisions.  But if you … Continue reading

March 26, 2016 · 4 Comments

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