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The Goose and the Gander


Looking for balance:

  • If it’s okay for a woman to be sexually assaulted because of what she is or is not wearing, then it’s okay if a man is robbed because he’s wearing an expensive suit.
  • If it’s okay for a wife to be abused by her husband, then it’s okay if a man is abused by his employer.
  • If it’s okay for a woman to be mistreated for working with men, then it’s okay for men to be mistreated for working with people who aren’t their family.

Men and women, as well as people who have the traits of men or women, were designed to be partners, each possessing talents that are weak in the other. History has demonstrated that when we choose a group to be less–to be “de-valued” as Jon Stewart describes it, we make our morality into a convenience without true meaning. Men are brought into this world by lesser beings? We pretend human design, the whole partnership cooperation thing, was a big mistake. If that’s so, whose mistake would it have to be?

Do you want to tell Him (or Her)?

(By the way, if you want more insight about sexual assault and how such cases are handled from a real female Assistant District Attorney’s point of view, do a search on Linda Fairstein who has written both authentic fictional mysteries with a main character who reflects Fairstein’s expertise [the Alex Cooper series] and several volumes of nonfiction.

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