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Impression of Yet Another Summer Storm


Grumbling in the distance.

Gray depression spreading a dark pout.

Bright burp of light faraway

And again.

And again.


Glowering black grudge swelling, tumbling, dissing the day.

Dagger blade jabbing CRASH!

Purple gang cursing, rolling heavy barrels

Chortling to themselves as they push each other

Down the valley, breaking up the sky

Slashing the clouds

Emptying long slices of water

Dropping the trees to their knees. “Uncle! Uncle!”

Slinking like stretching shadows into the next distance

Taking the fight to other foes.

Yanking their cloud cover with them

Like dirty blankets.


Rain laughing as it hides behind the house

Making the sunshine sparkle.

One comment on “Impression of Yet Another Summer Storm

  1. Thanks for liking my little “poem.” After receiving rain almost daily all summer, I’ve had plenty of inspiration!

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