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Sharing Personal Energy Fields


Previously, I’ve written about research that proves emotions are contagious—in both good and bad ways.  Spend time with someone who’s optimistic and happy, and you’re bound to walk away feeling lighter and better than you did before.  Spend time with someone who sees a cloud that smothers every silver lining, and eventually you’re going to want to go back to bed and stay there.

Recently I received energy training in how to pull my personal energy field close to myself and shield it from the negativity of others.  Being somewhat empathic, I needed this training.  I spend way too much time feeling dark and cynical when nothing tragic has happened to me.  I don’t know yet if the training will do the trick.  I have some reservations—and they aren’t about the woo-woo nature of energy fields or worrying that my armor won’t be tough enough.  They’re about asking what’s more important—wrapping protection around myself or extending myself.

Sending my self out to create rainbows for people I encounter is my top priority.  I need to believe that I’m powerful enough to resist pointless despair—at least over time.  Yes, I need to believe in myself and my emotional backup—whatever I conceive that to be.  Connecting with other people is important enough to be worth a risk.  They ARE part of the emotional backup.  One widowed friend advised me that friends may be THE MOST important physical backup anyone has.

Today I sent a small personal triumph out on Facebook.  The cyber applause I received reminded me that not only are there people out there I can count as friends, but there are more out there who could be friends if I gave them a chance.  That’s huge.  A world stuffed with potential friends looks much different from the cold, scary world I was perceiving.

I can hear the cynics out there saying, “Clicking LIKE on Facebook does not make them all your friends.”  Yeah, so?  Why is it so much easier to think of strangers as enemies than to think of them as friends?  I would guess research could prove that in a desperate human situation more people will behave as friends than as enemies.  It’s outside institutions that convince us we need to fear one another—because they set us up as adversaries: Us against Them.  It’s an illusion they need in order to maintain control.  Some people believe them and act as combatants.  Others look for victims to serve their need to feel superior.

I generally love coming to understand people who aren’t like me.  Do I embrace all their choices and beliefs?  No.  But I always learn from our differences—sometimes about them and sometimes about me.  I find we have a lot in common, even if it looks different.  Are some people who are unlike me capable of hurting me?  Yes.  I’ll probably survive.  I can employ my shield and walk away.  Am I afraid that being with someone different might change me?  No.  I believe I’m on Earth to change, to grow, to become more.  I choose who I am.  I believe I have more to do than to keep safely breathing until I die.  Fear is over-rated as a companion and so is superiority.

One comment on “Sharing Personal Energy Fields

  1. Frances Sullivan
    October 10, 2015

    True enough, those FBers are not all friends, but they took the time to notice and sometimes that exactly what we need to keep on keepin’ on. Love the outlook about the world being stuffed with potential friends. As a wise woman recently reminded me, we attract what we feel we are. 😉

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