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Welcome 2016!

Here we are, standing with our tiptoes on the cliff of 2016, wondering what lies ahead.  We’re told the darkness, disaster, and strife we’ve endured in 2015 was the preface to a chapter to come.  Some would have us believe that we’re looking at another act of MACBETH, “…Blood will have blood.”  (Yuck.)  Others say the global transition we’re experiencing can lead out of the darkness to a fresh time, a reorganization of power and action, a dawning of greater enlightenment.  (Can we choose, because I know what I would pick.)

Perhaps the truest part of the predictions is that we have a great deal to say about what happens next.  First, look in the mirror.  No, not the one that says you gained a few pounds indulging over the holidays (as if THAT hasn’t happened before).  Look into the mirror of your Self; imagine that you can step outside your body to see yourself from beyond—not to beat yourself up for not being a super-hero.  It’s time to let the super-hero image go.  We are what we were sent here to be—flawed mortals.  See that you’ve come a long way.

Once you’ve accepted you as you are, it’s easier to forgive the people around you for just being them.  No, they aren’t your ideal.  And you don’t have to keep them all close to you in your life.  You can’t walk the walk for them.  So you’re free to concentrate on lending support where it can help and releasing the rest.  Freedom!  Freedom feels good.

Going back to the world, it’s just a mass of other human beings doing what they think they should be doing.  Can you imagine a kinder world?  If you can imagine it, as John Lennon says, “you’re not the only one.”  When you have the guts to be one of the more loving people, those around you may become a teeny bit kinder, as well.  Like attracts like.  A recent Gallup survey concluded that Americans are becoming more empathetic/caring—in spite of what you hear.

Making a kinder, brighter world for yourself takes courage and determination, so you can forgive the folks who refuse to be happy.  It takes seeing what’s good in your life, being grateful, and trying to share the brightness with those bumping around in the shadows.  Now and then, life requires you to be unafraid to stand up to apathy, cruelty, and selfishness.  Trust your intuition.  Release resentment.  So my wish for you and for myself in 2016 is greater courage, kindness, and ultimately wisdom to create a better path forward.  I want to express a more loving Self.  I want to live in a more loving world.  Believe.  It could happen.

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