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Cautiously Optimistic About 2019

Some years our wishes for the new year can be slightly overblown, as wishes often are. And, while I believe in thinking positive, dreams that are more like fantasies can bring disappointment or even depression. Instead, I like to hedge my bets.

This year I’m resolving to be more—more creative, wiser, kinder, and braver. I want to be more me and less designed to meet expectations. Last year reminded us that we must be willing to work for what we want…and keep on working. Shoving responsibility onto others invites both sloth and dismay. As healthy as it is to delight in life as a child might, we must also be adult enough to see the world around us without filters and know we get what we earn. What we think we know may not be—and usually isn’t—the entire picture. No one has all the answers. Wisdom lies in the search.

I’m encouraged by the many people who’ve stepped out of the shadows to work for a world they want to leave for those who come next. Each of us is invited to step forward in some way. Being adult isn’t an act of age or even education. It’s an act of courage and determination. It’s an everyday demonstration of values. We live in the world we create around us—as cheerful or as despairing as we make it.

And while I believe this is a time for unity, I also believe this is a time to accept individuality. Each of us faces individual challenges—especially in health and identity. We don’t all thrive on the same lifestyle. So, I’m hoping for fewer control freaks in the new year. I’m hoping I won’t be one of them. I resolve to appreciate the contributions of those around me—even the difficult lessons some bring. As members of the human race, we need many different talents and interests. Different cultures provide an array of viewpoints that can make us all more aware. To insist on agreement about everything is to illustrate ignorance.

Finally, I realize all my wishes won’t come true, but some will. I’ll make sure of that. And I’ll remember to be grateful for what’s going right. I resolve not to wallow in my disappointments but, instead, to search for new challenges, new insights, new fun. And I’m going to take care of me as I care for those I love.

My thanks to you for being with me through the last year. You’ve made me better. I sincerely wish you a new and improved 2019. Happy New Year!

3 comments on “Cautiously Optimistic About 2019

  1. Frances Sullivan
    December 30, 2018

    A wiser, more eloquent, and more thoughtful approach than my wistful one. And I am ever so grateful for it. Here’s to unification through individuality and seeking the potential in our wishes rather than longing for change without becoming it first. Happy New Year, my friend. Much love to you and yours. xx

    • Susan
      January 5, 2019

      I love your wistful style, Frances. You bring insights so gently and elegantly that we don’t realize how impactful they are!

  2. Frances Sullivan
    January 5, 2019

    What a kind thing to say. In truth, I kinda do like that about me… 🙂 As for impacting gently and elegantly, I’m not so sure my words accomplish that but will graciously accept the compliment because it takes one to know one.

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