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Survival of Our Species?

In Season Two of GOOD OMENS on Amazon Prime, an angel and a demon—the main characters who are fast friends, must react creatively to the dilemma of Job. Job’s children are among the earthly treasures that are to be taken from him to test his loyalty to God in defiance of Satan, but neither angel nor demon accepts the killing of children as a reasonable test. Although real-life Chris Bledsoe hasn’t been physically deprived of his children, his early life wasn’t much cheerier than Job’s as he describes it in his autobiographical 2023 book UFO of God. Do the similarities tell us something important?

The book’s title is somewhat misleading since Chris Bledsoe is, in most ways, an ordinary, honest, not formally well educated man whose early life, while plagued with an overwhelming Job-like barrage of injuries and losses, was so depressing that I never would’ve kept reading his autobiography if I hadn’t just watched him on the last episode of the season of BEYOND SKINWALKER RANCH this week. He was recorded by professional EEG and video as he called orbs to approach in the sky—the kind of orbs that fascinate followers of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs. Dr. Travis Taylor, an astrophysicist who contributes to the experiments on THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH, loftily dismissed Bledsoe’s abilities as something others could probably learn if they practiced meditation. The professionals who analyzed the EEG reading seemed to disagree. Bledsoe’s abilities to instantly summon inexplicable aerial phenomena are unprecedented. His brain works in unusual ways.

Chris Bledsoe and his family were mocked and denigrated for years after his account of his introductory experiences was sensationalized and misrepresented. He lost his business and his place in his church. He nearly lost the teenage son whose simultaneous encounter debilitated him with PTSD. Bledsoe and his home were sprayed with holy water by people who had once been his friends. His children came home from school crying. He promised himself he would never tell his story to anyone ever again. That his book is prefaced by introductions by Jim Semivan, former CIA Clandestine Directorate of Operations, and Col. John B. Alexander, PhD, retired US Army, provides evidence that the information Bledsoe has to share is not crackpot fantasy. It’s taken very seriously by agencies such as NASA and the CIA even though it involves the appearance of other-worldly-appearing beings, time shifts, and even a glowing white female who advises him. In fact, he was asked by investigating officials to hold and interact with bits of the flexible non-earthly metal made famous by the Roswell crash. Has he met visiting beings from other planets…or other dimensions…or maybe someone celestial? No one is certain. Only particular people such as Chris Bledsoe are welcomed to communicate with them, although Bledsoe provides suggestions to those who wish to try. He’s still humbly asking, “Why me?”

What is the advice given to Bledsoe? Humans need to work together, caring about one another, cooperating to preserve our earth. We need to respect all life and stop killing. The global transition that some of us feel approaching may arrive in 2026. What comes next? We don’t know, but we know if we don’t follow the advice, the outcome may not be desirable. Would we respect the information if God communicates in ways we don’t expect? Would we know if alien life forms are struggling to help our human species survive? Are we humble enough to accept that we don’t already know everything?

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