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Question: How can I stay connected to my gramma?


Anyone who would ask this question probably doesn’t need me to answer it.  If you’re thinking about how to stay connected, you’ll find or invent ways to do it.  Some young people stop communicating with family members and then wonder why they feel alone.  Connections are like plants; they need to be tended.  Often we forget that connections go both ways.  If someone forgets to contact you, then contact that person.  Share information about what’s important to you and what you think about.  The more you share, the better your gramma will know you and the better she will be at communicating with you.

If your gramma isn’t good at sharing the ways in which you like to connect, then adapt to her ways.  She may not understand how to handle some of the new technologies or why anyone would want to use them.  She’s from another time, but she can learn if you want to teach her.  Staying close to you is as important to her as it is to you—and maybe more important.  You are a joy in her life.

I knew one person who stopped communicating with the people who loved him.  The loss made everyone sad.  Sometimes a person is afraid of disappointing family so that person hides, thinking that way other people won’t tell him how unhappy they are with him.  Real love doesn’t have requirements.  Disappointment doesn’t change love.  Disappointment is about not getting what you expect.  What we expect is sometimes not very realistic.  But it’s not about love.  Never give up being close out of fear.  Love is more important than anything.

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