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Question: How many times have you gone to other states and countries? Why did you want to live here?

Gramma’s Answer:

I have traveled across the country several times, since my family is spread out.  I have spent time in Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, Colorado, and California.  I have also spent time in Scotland, Spain, Canada, and Mexico—one time each.  I chose the place where I live now with Grandpa.  We wanted a place where we would have enough land so we could take care of our horses all by ourselves.  Before we came here, we had to pay to keep our horses in someone else’s stable.  We didn’t like that because the owner of the stable didn’t have the same feelings about horses as we did.  Sometimes he would argue with us about how much we could feed them, even though we paid for the hay by ourselves.  We wanted to be in a place where we could enjoy our animals and the beautiful outdoors.

Now the most important reason why we live where we do is to be close to our family—including our grandchildren.  Being with our grandchildren makes us happy; we have fun.  We would never move anywhere too far from our family.  If we move, we would try to make sure our family could come with us and be as happy as we would be in the new place.

2 comments on “Question: How many times have you gone to other states and countries? Why did you want to live here?

  1. Leslie P
    November 5, 2022

    This was lovelly to read

    • I’ve been to five foreign countries and across the continent of the United States. I loved the optimism and compassion of the United States; the love reflected back to me in Ohio, Belize, and Colorado; the beauty, clean water and clean air in some the locations I’ve chosen in Colorado. I love places where I’m close to nature and natural peace. I’ve enjoyed knowing some wonderful people in most of the places I’ve lived or visited. I want to live near nature and kindness.

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